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President message At Gujarati Samaj of arkansas


Message of GSA President

Dear GSA member:
Jai Shree Krishna!

First, I would like to thank each one for giving me a second-time opportunity to serve as a president of Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas, which is the largest Indian association in Arkansas. It is my special honor and privilege to begin my term as president of the Samaj. I would like to pray to god to give me enough strength and guidance, so I can do justice to the position which has been filled by so many distinguished and elite members of Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas.

With the help of continuing and newly appointed Executive Committee Members & Board of Trustees I would like to take Samaj to a new level. I would request my team as well as all members to think with open and fair mind and come up with fresh ideas, on how to serve our community better. I challenge my team to find ways to solve problems faced by Gujarati community and unite them. It is my dream that Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas will be a home away from home from each Gujarati family in surrounding areas of Little Rock.

I would like to use traditional and digital media to reach out to each member of Gujarati community and invite them to actively participate in our activity. I know that task is big, but I vow to tackle the challenge and come out with the victory. I would like to see GSA involve in, so many challenges faced by our society. My team and I will help, children facing education and career issues, seniors needing assistance with computer skills, children that need to learn Gujarati and would love to help someone who just needs a shoulder to cry on. We will plan so many activities and events that all members will be proud. I have so much confidence in my executive team as well as the board of trustees that I know my entire dream will come true. I am requesting support from all past presidents as well as EC, BOT, and experienced members, I know your experience is very valuable and we do need your guidance to run Samaj.

I am requesting all members of Samaj to actively participate and help us out in any way possible. One can help financially, devoting free time as a volunteer or just tell us few word of encouragement. I have open door policy and I welcome suggestion and solution from everyone. If someone has an idea about any event that can benefit to the society, I would encourage them to come and take leadership and plan. My entire team and I will be behind you to support and make you successful.

I know that youth is an important part of our society and families and I request EC and BOT members to find ways to attract them and get them involved. I would like to form a special committee that will oversee active participation of the youth.

I am requesting each member to bring at least one more friend and ask them to become a member of the Samaj.

We hope to receive strong and continuous support from all of you to make the 2018 Gujarati Samaj year a success! .

Jayesh (Jay) Lallu
President of GSA 2018

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